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RAD Engineering Co.
Custom design. Proven success. Sustainability in mind.

As an engineering firm with over 35 years of experience in custom engineered solenoids, solenoid valve solutions, coil assembiles, electro-mechanical assemblies, mechanical assemblies, pressure vessels, and custom engineered products, we offer an array of services to companies and individuals seeking support with design, engineering, and manufacturing of newly developed products.

Our parts are found on commercial aviation, military spacecraft and jet fighters, medical equipment, and more.

Our ongoing mission is to be the most professional, creative, and helpful engineering firm around. We pride ourselves in taking conceptual ideas and developing them into working products. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made products catered to their specific needs designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. Our long-term industry knowledge is the key to helping solve and enhance engineering issues, big and small.

While other companies have off loaded troublesome operations, we keep everything from coil winding to labor intensive assembly operations in house. We are easily adaptable, and offer our expertise to the most demanding of customers.


We know change isn’t always easy, and since our founding we’ve been helping individuals and companies of all sizes predict and respond to market changes to stay ahead of the curve. We tackle each problem by creating a working relationship with our clients and then focus on understanding their priorities and long term goals. Are you ready to step into the future with us? Give us a call today.

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